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About the Lab


Our laboratory is studying epigenetic regulation mechanisms during aging and oncogenesis. Aging is the single greatest risk factor for diseases that are principal causes of mortality, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and infectious diseases.

A breakthrough in aging research resulting in even a moderate retardation of aging and a delay in the onset of age-associated diseases, such as cancer, would have tremendous impact on the quality of life for the general public. However, aging and how it contributes to the development of age-associated diseases remain poorly understood. Epigenetic changes, including histone modifications and proteome, are critical regulatory mechanisms, involved in all developmental processes including aging and age-associated diseases.

The goal of our research is to discover novel chromatin and proteomics regulation pathways that modulate longevity and regulate the development of age-associated diseases, such as cancer. This mechanistic study will form the basis in future development of therapeutic target for treating age-associated diseases and improving human health span.

Visit our research page more information about how epigenetics and chromatin regulate the process of aging.


Weiwei Dan Lab
Huffington Center On Aging
BCM Alkek Graduate School
One Baylor Plaza
(BCMN) N803.05 MS: BCM230
Houston, TX 77030

Lab Phone: (713) 798-1621 / Email: Weiwei.Dang@bcm.edu