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The Dzakovich Lab prides itself on its wide array of skillsets that are routinely used to answer complex questions. We are always open to new and exciting collaborations and are happy to others in any way we can. Below is a broad list of the tools we use:

Plant Biology and Population Development

  • Establishing and managing diversity panels and mapping populations
  • Conducting QTL and association analyses
  • High-throughput DNA/RNA extraction from plant and animal tissues

Controlled Environment Agriculture

  • Controlled environment research (greenhouse and reach/walk-in growth chambers)
  • Hydroponic crop production
  • Non-radioactive intrinsic labeling of crops (coming soon)

Analytical Chemistry

  • Analytical method development for phytochemicals and their metabolites
  • UHPLC, UHPLC-MS/MS, and UHPLC-HRMS based quantification and compound identification
  • Untargeted metabolomics experimental design and screening

Data Analysis and Device Manufacturing

  • Univariate and multivariate statistical analyses
  • Analysis of RNA-seq and untargeted metabolomics datasets
  • Custom 3D printing of labware or experimental devices

Nutrition Sciences

  • High-throughput in vitro digestion assays for water and fat soluble phytochemicals
  • Cell culture models for absorption and transport (coming soon)

Contact the Dzakovich Lab for assistance with these areas at Michael.Dzakovich@usda.gov.