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NIDCD (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders), the types of grants it funds and current funding opportunities

The Hearing Health Foundation and its regeneration initiative, the Hearing Restoration Project

Action on Hearing Loss (formerly the Royal National Institute for the Deaf) - a UK-based foundation that funds overseas grants.

The Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence and its very comprehensive Funding Resources page

The March of Dimes Research Grants page

List of Student Funding Opportunities (Harvard University)

List of Postdoc Funding Opportunities (Grigorieff Lab, Janelia Campus, HHMI)

List of scholarships for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing


Useful Databases


gEAR - Gene Expression for Auditory Research

SHIELD - Shared Harvard Inner Ear Laboratory Database

Mouse Genome Informatics - The Jackson Lab

The Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) and the International Mouse Phenotype Consortium (IMPC)

The Hereditary Hearing Loss Homepage

Eurexpress - a database of mouse gene expression

The Allen Brain Atlas and its pages devoted to mouse embryos

GEISHA - database of chick gene expression patterns

The Mammalian Gene Collection and Addgene

The GENSAT collection of GFP and Cre BAC transgenic mice

GeneMatcher - a resource to match researchers and clinicians working on particular genes.


Former Lab Members


Martin Basch Lab (Case Western Reserve University)

Taka Ohyama Lab (University of Southern California)

Pat White Lab (University of Rochester)

Angelika Doetzlhofer Lab (Johns Hopkins University)




Movies for the BCM Development Core Class