Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Work Stations


Workstation Features

  • PC computers
  • BD FACSDiva Software
  • FlowJo Software
  • Sony MA900 analysis software
  • Cytek ImageStream IDEAS 6.3
  • Spectroflo3.0
  • Viziopharm (Hyperion Image Analysis Software)
  • ModFit LT Software
  • Microsoft Office
  • SNAGIT Screen Capture software
  • Current Protocols in Flow Cytometry- contains all current protocols provided by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.- stop by the T103 Baylor Main Campus to access the protocols.

Request FlowJo Site License Access


The annual cost of 1 login account being registered on the CCSC FlowJo Site License for FY24 (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024) is $320, or $80 per quarter.

By signing up, you are agreeing to be charged $80/quarter every quarter until you inactivate your account.

You must inactivate your account by emailing to stop being charged.

How it works:

Sign up for a FlowJo Portal account, if you haven’t already.

Email with your username for your account, and ask the core to invite you to the BCM FlowJo license.

If you would like to charge a specific funding source, include it in the appropriate field when signing up for the license. The funding source must be in iLab currently. If no funding source is entered, the default iLab fund source will be billed.

Once you accept the invite, you should be able to access FlowJo. Thank you for your interest in this service provided by the CCSC!