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Baylor College of Medicine and its clinics will be open Monday, Nov. 28. We are closely monitoring the City of Houston's boil water advisory and will provide updates as needed.


Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Instrumentation Training


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The Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core has:

  • Seven analyzers: an Amnis ImageStreamX Mark II, an LSRFortessa Analyzer
  • Two LSRII Analyzers
  • Two CantoII Analyzers
  • An Acoustic Focusing Attune Analyzer

The core also has:

  • Five sorters: a 5-laser FACSAriaIIu sorter
  • Five-laser FACSAriaII sorter
  • Three -aser FACSAriaIIu sorter
  • Four-laser Sony SH800
  • Two-laser Union Biometrica BioSorter

In addition there we offer:

  • Automated Viability Analyzer/Cell Counter (Vi-Cell)
  • AutoMACS Magnetic Column Cell Separator
  • GentleMACS tissue dissociator
  • Three computers at our workstations (two PCs, and one Mac)

Training is offered on all instruments.


Training Types


We offer six main types of training (request all training by email):

  • Analyzer Training - $350 - (acquire data on fluorescence expression). Typically 3 days (4-5 hours apiece) on a Monday-Wednesday.
  • Aria Sort Training - $115/hour - (analyze AND deflect a certain population of cells to be collected for downstream applications). Typically 16-20 hours of one on one training. Requests to be trained will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Access Aria sort training videos for initial training or to review your training (Baylor login required)
  • Sony SH800 Sort Training - $65/hour + $40 chip charge - (analyze the fluorescence expression AND deflect a certain population of cells to be collected downstream applications). Typically 6 hours of one on one training.
  • Vi-Cell Training- Complementary ~30 minutes - (cell counter and viability analyzer).
  • AutoMACS Training- Complementary ~1 hour - (magnetic cell separator).
  • GentleMACS Training - Complementary ~10 minutes- (tissue dissociator).