First, you should register on our website. The information you provide is used by Occupational Health and is unrelated to your application for licensure, information that you need to provide to GME, etc. It simply allows us to process your records.

If you have worked or trained at Baylor College of Medicine in the past (as an employee, student or participating in an elective rotation), you do not need to register. Requirements for residents/fellow may differ from your prior requirements, so your current documentation should be submitted. If you register and get a message that a record is already in the system, then you are already registered. However, when sending your records, please ensure your current email and phone number are included. 

You will need to provide immunization records and complete other paperwork. The State of Texas requires trainees in health care related fields to have been immunized against certain diseases.

Please complete the forms at the bottom of this page and submit proper documentation.

Forms and records should be returned (via mail, email or facsimile) directly to OHP, which maintains employee/student immunization records.

Please DO NOT send your vaccination records to your program or to the GME office. If you do send your records elsewhere, we may not receive them and you are still responsible for getting your records to us. Send them directly to us.

Some Pointers:

1. You must submit copies of your actual immunization record or actual lab test immunity. This means that we do not accept mere statements that you have been vaccinated or are immune. Titers are preferred over vaccination. Although vaccination does meet our requirements, some hospitals require proof of immunity.  Some electronic record systems print vaccine summaries with dates, but do not indicate if there was documentation of the vaccination (e.g., some of the EPIC MyChart Summaries).  Some of these printouts might not be sufficient.

2. If you do not have copies of your records, get them. You can get copies from the clinic that administered the service. Schools that you have attended or institutions where you have worked should provide you a copy of your records. As a health care professional, you should have good records of your health. The issue of immunizations will arise throughout the rest of your career. Additional Advice

3. You can submit scanned copies of your records. Keep in mind a few things. Records should be in a single PDF formatted file. This should be an attachment to an email rather than embedded in the text of the email (e.g., do not send photos from your phone). Please do not send JPG, TIF formatted documents or photos of records. The system does not support zip files or secure email. File size should be less than 3 MB total. Include your name in the file name. This email is for submitting records only. It is not for inquiries or general correspondence. Our email address for records is

4. If you mail records, regular ground delivery is usually adequate to assure we receive them. The problems we encounter with "lost mail" usually arise when you rely on a third party to mail your records. Again, you are strongly encouraged to send records to us yourself rather than relying on your doctor's office, your school or other clinic to send them. We will review your records, of course, regardless of who sends them to us. All mail, including overnight envelopes, are processed through the Baylor mailroom. Expedited delivery may be a reasonable option if sending documents internationally.

5. You can send partial records to us as they are available (e.g., copy of tetanus records now and hepatitis B titer later) rather than waiting until all of them are available.

6. If you have had a positive TB test in the past, we do need documentation of the positive test. Although a chest x-ray is required as well, it is not a substitute for a TB test and is not adequate for documenting a prior positive test.

7. Indicate "Incoming Housestaff 2019- N", where N represents your program on all correspondence. This will help us properly route your records.

8. We realize that you have many deadlines, forms, and matters to complete before starting. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns. Our email for inquiries or general correspondence is

House Staff Health Forms

Please review the house staff immunization requirements. The forms in this section must be completed and returned to OHP with proper documentation. The forms can be downloaded individually or downloaded together (in the attachment marked (all)).

This is a webpage with a copy of the HIPAA privacy notice. It is for your reference.