Department of Medicine

Immunization FAQ


I am unable to provide vaccine records. What should I do?

It is extraordinarily rare that a person does not have or cannot get their vaccine records. Your parents, doctors, schools, or employers often have records. If you truly cannot obtain them, then you need to get revaccinated or have blood titers completed.

Can I wait until I am at Baylor College of Medicine to get my vaccinations?

No. Your immunization records need to be submitted by the deadline, which is well in advance of classes.

What happens if I am unable to complete my vaccinations?

You do not meet the requirements to complete registration.

Where can I get vaccinated?

OHP does not maintain a list of places that offers vaccinations. You can try your doctor or a local clinic. Some pharmacies offer vaccination.

How much does a vaccination cost?

This question needs to be directed to the clinic where you are receiving the service.

Can OHP confirm that you have received my records?

OHP will notify you after your records are reviewed. We are not able to confirm that we have received them, but not reviewed them yet.

Can I bring my records to OHP in person?

Yes, but OHP does not review them while you wait.

I submitted all of my records, but OHP says I have not completed the requirements. Why?

What you submitted does not meet our requirements. Baylor has specific requirements and this includes forms that are specific to Baylor. Although you may have been vaccinated as a child or meet the requirements of a different school, you may not meet ours. You should review the correspondence we sent you as well as our requirements to determine why.

I am unable to submit my vaccine records by the deadline, should I contact OHP?

No. Contacting us does not change the requirements or extend the deadline.

I have records of some of my vaccines to submit, but need to complete others. Should I wait until everything is completed before sending in records?

No. You are encouraged to send in the records you have. As you complete the other requirements, you can submit those records at that time. Of course, this does not change the deadline.