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Sperm Banking


Cancer treatments can have an impact on a man's fertility, either temporarily or permanently. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery for cancer can all cause adverse effects that may make sperm banking advisable.

In these situations, banking sperm is like insurance. Even one sample of frozen sperm stored in a sperm bank provides the chance of having your own biological child in the future, no matter what may happen to your fertility.

Modern techniques of infertility treatment (in vitro fertilization) require only a few live sperm cells to create a pregnancy. If a man has good quality sperm, and can freeze several samples, a less extreme infertility treatment, such as artificial insemination, may be a less expensive and less intrusive option.

The modern sperm bank at the Scott Department of Urology can provide a full scope of services for collection, analysis, and long-term storage as needed. If possible, all arrangements for sperm banking should be made prior to the beginning of any cancer therapy.

Detailed information, procedures and costs are provided by personal consultation. Please call (713) 798-4027 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.