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Internal Medicine

About Us

Internal Medicine, a section of the Margaret M. and Albert B. Alkek Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common adult medical problems, with an emphasis on caring for the whole patient. We specialize in primary care, general health assessments, and consultation for complex medical problems.

Our expert team is committed to delivering first-class primary care services, with timely appointments, good communication, efficient patient visits, and a one-stop approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Our patient care philosophy is based on the belief that the quality of medical care delivered is directly related to the amount of time physicians spend with their patients. We believe patients want to spend more time with their doctors, they want more dialogue, and they want to be able to see their doctors when they need to see them.

We practice an integrated approach to patient care, coordinating with subspecialists as needed and using a state-of-the-art electronic medical record system for seamless care among physicians. For patients who need subspecialty care, the department of medicine offers 18 subspecialty departments providing state-of-the-art consultation and care for specific medical problems.

At Baylor College of Medicine, our internal medicine physicians are also researchers and educators, committed to the development of state-of-the-art treatments for adult medical problems and teaching the next generation of leaders in primary care.