Frequently Asked Questions about The Partnership


What makes someone part of The Partnership?

The Partnership is comprised of donors who give at least $1,000 cumulatively to Baylor College of Medicine each year, or when Young Alumni give at least $500 annually.

What gifts count toward being part of The Partnership?

All gifts to the College count toward your Partnership status.

Do I have to track my gifts?

No. After giving at least $1,000 to Baylor College of Medicine, you will automatically qualify as a part of The Partnership for the following year.

Am I in The Partnership now?

Once you give $1,000 cumulatively, you’ll be a part of The Partnership for the following calendar year. At that point, you’ll receive unique opportunities and communications based on your giving level. To receive an update on your total giving, contact us at

What if I miss a year?

If you miss a consecutive year of giving at least $1,000, your Partnership status will lapse. You can become part of the Partnership through cumulative giving of at least $1,000.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please feel free to email