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School of Health Professions



Master’s prepared CRNAs who are granted advanced standing can complete the required coursework in four semesters. Each semester is six months long and divided into three terms. MS-DNP Students will generally take one course per term. View course descriptions.

‡ Course offered online only
* Advanced Nursing Practice Core


Spring 1 Semester


Orientation takes place on campus for two days beginning on the first business day following January 1. The remainder of the semester is completed online.

  • *Advanced Health Assessment (beginning January 2017)
  • ‡*Professional Philosophy & Scholarship
  • ‡*Theories & Concepts in Healthcare
  • ‡*Biostatistics

Fall 1 Semester


You will complete this semester online with no trips to campus.

  • ‡*Leading & Managing Healthcare Systems
  • ‡*Decision Science & Informatics in Healthcare
  • ‡*Translational Research
  • ‡*Evidence Based Anesthesia Practice

Spring 2 Semester


During this semester, you will come to campus for three days of course activities. This event is usually scheduled for the second or third weekend in January with arrival on Thursday morning and departure on Sunday evening. All other components of the semester are completed online

  • *DNP Project in Anesthesia 1
  • *Ethical & Multicultural Healthcare
  • ‡*Influencing Healthcare Policy
  • ‡*Quality Outcomes Management

Fall 2 Semester


Commencement takes place the first Saturday in December. You will come to campus the Friday before to defend your doctoral project and then participate in the graduation ceremony the next day.

  • *DNP Project in Anesthesia 2
  • ‡*Approaches to Healthcare Education
  • ‡*Emerging Sciences in Healthcare

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