Provost Alicia Monroe and President Paul Klotman are pictured with Dr. Eric Schoomaker, former US Army Surgeon General, and Dr. Timothy Porea, associate professor of pediatrics, at the military commissioning of graduating medical students Bryant Nieto and Amanda Delgado.

Faculty Responsibilities at Baylor College of Medicine

As expressed in the Compact Between Teachers, Learners and Educational Staff,  the moral, ethical and professional behavior of all Baylor personnel is essential to the basic principles of the institution. For faculty members this requires a commitment to:

  • Maintain currency in professional knowledge and skills.
  • Ensure excellence of the educational curriculum.
  • Be a model of professionalism in all interactions with faculty, learners, patients, colleagues, and staff.
  • Respect all faculty, learners, patients, colleagues, and staff as individuals, without regard to gender, age, race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation; and oppose observed disrespect or bias.
  • Nurture learner commitment to achieve personal, family, and professional balance.
  • Recognize and acknowledge expressions of professional attitudes and behaviors as well as the achievement of quantifiable academic excellence.
  • Respond vigorously to unprofessional behavior and indications of abuse or exploitation of faculty, learners, patients, colleagues, or staff.
  • Create a safe environment in which faculty, learners, and staff can communicate any concern about breaches of this compact.
  • Accept responsibility for instilling these attributes in learners and faculty for whom you have responsibility.
  • Avoid conflict of interests, report conflicts that exist and follow Conflict of Interest management plans.
  • Report all outside activities annually.
  • Report mistakes, waste, and all unprofessional behavior when observed.

Designated faculty of the institution additionally have responsibility for the content, quality and effectiveness of the academic programs including admissions, curriculum, review of students’ academic progress and recommendation for conferral of degrees.