Selection Criteria


All applications will be submitted for review by a faculty panel. The panel will use the following criteria to evaluate and rank the proposals.

  • The degree to which the proposed activity enhances the applicant's development as an educator and his/her ability to make scholarly educational contributions.
  • Merit and worth of the proposed activity to the applicant's department and/or the College.
  • Feasibility that the applicant will have the time and ability to complete the proposed activity.
  • Size and justification of the budget.
  • Proposals should include a plan for dissemination of findings.*
  • Evidence of scholarship in the preparation of the application and in the activities that are proposed.

*Note: Dissemination plans may include, but are not limited to, presentations at local or national meetings (e.g., the Academy Showcase), web- or organization-based dissemination of curricular materials (e.g., MedEdPortal), and peer-reviewed or other publications. Dissemination is expected within three years of receipt of a grant.

The maximum amount that may be requested is $5,000.

Any funds not expended by the end of the year should be returned to Office of Faculty Development.

Applications will be funded in rank order until available funds are exhausted.