Summary: This article describes the governance by which editorial content for Baylor College of Medicine’s websites, and other digital components is created and managed.

Approving Authority: Office of Communications & Community Outreach, Institutional Web Management.

Last Updated: Nov. 29, 2018

Purpose: The purpose of this governance is to ensure strong-user friendly content for the Baylor College of Medicine website and other digital components that is consistent in style and tone. The College has established standard editorial content practices, guidelines and policies for the College’s departments, centers, offices, clinics, labs, schools and training programs.

Scope: This governance applies to all content (written, visual, and auditory) created as digital assets of the College.


Editorial content: Any (written, visual and auditory) information that is directed towards an audience. This includes but is not limited to websites, apps, newsletters, social media and blogs.



The Office of Communications & Community Outreach, Institutional Web Management, is responsible for reviewing and approving all editorial content on any Baylor College of Medicine website or other digital components. 

Appointed administrators are responsible for the application of all guidance and all best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to editorial content used on the Baylor website or other digital components.


Review Process


Deviations from this guidance will result in the web page(s) or other digital components, being deleted, and removed from the site, with or without notice.

*Note: Policies cited in the Digital Governance document (approved by the Board and published in March 2019) supersede any previous agreement, policy and/or guideline.