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Led by Program Director Dr. S. Rob Todd, the Baylor College of Medicine Surgical Critical Care Residency program’s mission is to provide residents with a broad-based education in all phases of surgical critical care and allow residents to develop advanced proficiency in the management of critically ill surgical patients specifically as they relate to hemodynamic instability, and multiple organ failure and complex co-existing medical problems; to develop the qualifications necessary to supervise a surgical critical care unit; and to conduct scholarly activities in surgical critical care. 

This is accomplished through a large and diverse patient population in four affiliated hospitals, Texas Medical Center facilities, a diverse faculty, and unique experiences in research and technology development available at Baylor.

Each affiliated hospital - Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center's surgical intensive care unit, Ben Taub Hospital's trauma surgical intensive care unit, Baylor St. Luke’s surgical intensive care unit, and Texas Children’s Hospital's pediatric intensive care unit - has extensive clinical volume to provide the critical care resident enough experience to attain proficiency in the management of the severely ill surgical adult and pediatric patients. In addition, at each facility, the surgical critical care resident will assume supervisory and administrative roles in each ICU under supervision and mentorship of each of the assigned faculty. 

There are two separate focus areas of the surgical critical care residency program - the adult focus and the pediatric focus. The adult focus concentrates on adult surgical critical care patients at Ben Taub, Baylor St. Luke’s, and the DeBakey VA, with two weeks of pediatric training at Texas Children’s. The pediatric focus concentrates additional time on pediatric surgical critical care patients at Texas Children’s, along with adult care rotations at Ben Taub.

Applicant Information

To apply to this program, visit our surgical critical care residency application information page.