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Meet Our Chair

Read about Dr. Wayne K. Goodman's plans and vision for the next phase in the department’s development.

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Our Research

More than 40 funded investigators are conducting research in most major psychiatric disorders and technologies. Learn more about them and their work.

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Featured Division

The Beth K. and Stuart C. Yudofsky Division of Neuropsychiatry is dedicated to improving the lives of persons and families affected by neuropsychiatric conditions through clinical care, research, education, and community service as our mission.


CME Opportunities: Furthering Your Education

Check out our Online Continuing Medical Education classes.

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Department News

The Psychiatry Department takes pride in the accomplishments of its team. See the many awards and honors received by our devoted clinicians, researchers, and educators.

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The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences provides outstanding mental health education and multidisciplinary training. Learn more about our programs.