Our mission is to ethically and sustainability improve the health of children and communities globally, by striving to decrease disparities in health through education, advocacy, service and research.

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Global Health Fellowship is part of the Global Health Program within the Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. The goals and objectives for the international health component of the combined PEM-GH fellowship are described below. To find the goals and objectives for the general PEM fellowship, please refer to the PEM fellowship web pages.

Our Goals for fellows completing the PEM-GH fellowship have been adapted from those described for international emergency medicine fellowships 3-5. They include the acquisition of skills in order to:

  • Assess global health systems to identify pertinent emergency health issues
  • Design sustainable, effective, culturally acceptable emergency health programs that address identified needs
  • Implement global health emergency medicine programs abroad and integrate them into existing health systems
  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of global health programs.

To learn more about the Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital Pediatric Emergency Medicine Global Health Fellowship, download the PEM Global Health Fellowship Objectives.