Department of Pediatrics



Membership categories and specific criteria listed below have been created to better organize and facilitate the focus of the center's mission.

The Center for Epidemiology and Population Health accepts membership applications from individuals who have expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral science, public health, and population health. The criteria for membership acceptance are:

  • The applicant must be nominated by one of the core faculty members of the center.
  • The applicant must demonstrate subject matter expertise in research and/or education.
  • The applicant must be willing to contribute to the center in research, teaching of courses, and/or presentation of lecturers/seminars.

Membership Categories


Core Members

Faculty members from the center’s main core institutions (Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital) who are actively involved in the center’s education and/or research mission and meet one or more of the criteria below:

  • Primary investigators or Co-primary investigators of a peer-reviewed grant for research related to the center’s mission. (Includes co-investigators who are leading a project in a multi-project grant (e.g., P01)
  • Investigators with a broadly applicable research portfolio that benefits the center
  • Long-term members bringing specialized skills for collaborative research

Associate Members

Faculty or trainees of Baylor College of Medicine who do not meet the above criteria but are actively engaged in research, education, or outreach are designated as associate members. Trainees being mentored by a center core member but who are not seeking their degree from Baylor College of Medicine may also be considered for associate membership. Associate members can become core members if they meet the criteria in the future.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are faculty based at other Texas Medical Center affiliate institutions who may or may not have a joint appointment at Baylor College of Medicine. They are active collaborators with core members of the center.

Collaborative Members

Collaborative Members are faculty from other collaborative institutions outside of the Texas Medical Center (domestic or foreign).

Honorary Members

Honorary members will include those individuals in the community who have made significant contributions in terms of time, effort or resources to the center. This can include emeritus faculty who continue to contribute to the mission of the center.


Membership Privileges


Membership Privileges for All Members

The following benefits are provided to all center members, regardless of membership category.

  • Receive all center publications including newsletters, reports
  • Have access to additional information on center Intranet site
  • Can attend center-sponsored conferences, seminars, and retreats at no cost
  • Receive information related to mission-relevant research and research opportunities
  • Obtain guidance/help with mission-relevant grant applications and research challenges
  • Be listed on the center website and member database
  • Participate in strong mentorship programs and classes designed to teach the next generation of leading scientific minds, including fellows, students, and trainees
  • Network and create collaborative relationships with researchers in the field, both nationally and internationally
  • Participate in center events focused on research advances and career development opportunities, such as Workshop Series, Visiting Scholar Lectures, and other special events
  • Participate in a variety of outreach activities designed to raise awareness and strengthen the public’s understanding of epidemiology and population health

Additional Membership Privileges for Core Members

The following benefits are provided only to core center members.

  • Access to center-coordinated funds for mission-relevant research and/or educational activities through pilot projects or other project-specific support that may be available
  • Receive administrative support for submission of multi-investigator grants, program project grant proposals, and research agreements
  • Priority access to center-controlled conference and meeting spaces
  • May receive an allocation of center-coordinated space to conduct research or educational activities

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Work with other members of the center to develop and participate in research, outreach, and service programs
  • Acknowledge center membership in center-related publications and presentations
  • Notify center administration of center-related intramural proposals and/or extramural grant applications in which the member is or plans to be involved
  • Obtain approval of center administration prior to use of center resources
  • Provide information required for any center-related grant reporting
  • Participate and coordinate center-related fundraising activities with the center's leadership, as requested
  • Members are required to submit an updated curriculum vitae and/or NIH-formatted biosketch each year

Review and Renewal of Membership Applications


All new applications will be reviewed administratively for completeness and forwarded to the center core members. A plurality vote of the core members will determine the recommendation for membership. The directors have the final authority on approval, disapproval or termination of membership.

Applications for new membership will be reviewed monthly. Membership renewals will be reviewed annually in May. Membership renewals for core members will be reviewed every three years. The criteria for renewal is continued contribution to center mission-relevant research, education, and/or service according to the membership level.