Department of Pediatrics

Local (EMS) Systems Development and Improvement


We are working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Botswana to create a simulation-based training program for pre-hospital providers in Botswana on a review of most common response calls recorded in their log books. The first course will be delivered in September 2015. Pre- and post-training self-evaluation by training participants will be conducted. All MOH pre-hospital providers will receive baseline training in the AAP's Pediatric Educations for Pre-Hospital Providers (PEPP) curriculum prior to being enrolled in the simulation program. A $40,000 TCH Educational Award was awarded to support this effort.

Nick Glomb, M.D., M.P.H., Cara Doughty, M.D., M.Ed., Deola Kosoko, M.D., Marideth Rus, M.D. and Manish Shah, M.D.