Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Cardiology Fellow Life


First-Year Fellows


Chelsea Boyd, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because:  I thought it was the best combination of exceptional training and exceptionally fun people.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Dabbling in Crossfit and squash, finding new disc golf courses, writing limericks (the highest form of poetry)
Hometown: Randolph, New Jersey
Communities I identify with: Aspiring unicyclists, Banana Saver™ enthusiasts, Rhode Islanders, hikers who complain within the first mile, Med-Peds, N64 purists

Carlos Lodeiro, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: The people. I had the opportunity to get to know the fellows and faculty during residency, and I was impressed by how close the fellows were to each other and to the faculty. It was evident that faculty were invested in the fellows' growth as cardiologists, researchers, and also as people. The environment in the fellows' workroom also stood out - it felt like a big family that supported each other and cared about each other. It was a group I could see myself working and spending time with for the next 3 years.
Outside of work, I spend my time: with my wife, 2-month-old son, and dog – exploring new restaurants, going on walks, going to parks, cooking. Playing/watching/talking soccer. Watching movies, Broadway shows, Ted Lasso (BELIEVE), playing board games.
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela / Katy, Texas
Communities I identify with: Fathers, Real Madrid, Latinx, Real Madrid, partners who are in medicine, Real Madrid, F45, Venezuelans, Dog owners (Aussie), Real Madrid

Mary Jenkins, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: My niece with Ebstein anomaly was treated here many years ago, and I remembered the feeling we had as a family that she was getting the best care in the world. I wanted to learn from the best so I can pass along that blessing to other families.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Cooking for my friends, working out, reading, traveling, watching all-things Bravo, and exploring the culture of the city
Hometown: Vienna, VA
Communities I identify with: Med-Peds, East-Coast transplants, teachers, coaches, physicians, advocates for health equity, Catholics

Jasmine Moreno, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: The feeling of comradery and community you get walking into the fellows' office and the genuine interest of the faculty in teaching and caring for their patients compassionately. I am also interested in the health disparities research opportunities and the diverse patient experience.  
Outside of work, I spend my time: Exploring the Houston food scene, traveling, learning Portuguese and Italian, and spending quality time with friends and family.  
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Communities I identify with: Latinx, Mexicans, Foodies, Coffee and Gelato Aficionados, Catholics, Soccer fans

Elliott Moss, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: The people and the pathology. As someone who did residency here, I have had ample time to see cardiology at TCH from various perspectives. Every attending and fellow here truly loves cardiac disease and cares about training the next generation of cardiologists. There is a culture of learning and teaching for anyone who shows the slightest interest. The team is large enough that you can always find the person with similar life/research/clinical interests as you who will help you reach your goals. Apart from the people, there is literally no disease process you do not see here in bunches so there is no better place to train, regardless of your career goal.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Hanging out with my wife and kids, traveling, watching sports, listening to books/podcasts, streaming whatever new action/crime series is on, working on projects around the house.
Hometown: Woodland, Washington
Communities I identify with: Fathers, Christians, Football Fans, West Coasters, Movie Fans, amateur DIYers

Donnchadh O'Sullivan, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH pediatric cardiology fellowship because: Its renowned reputation for excellence in the field. The program's commitment to innovative research and comprehensive clinical training align perfectly with my career aspirations in pediatric cardiology.
Outside of work, I spend my time: I find great joy in music, food, traveling and immersing myself in different cultures, which broadens my perspective and enriches my understanding of diverse patient populations. I am deeply passionate about applying artificial intelligence to enhance pediatric care.
Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Communities I identify with: I actively engage in socializing and nurturing meaningful connections with various communities. I try to find time to practice Spanish and Farsi, speak some French and enjoy any opportunity to speak Irish.

Bita Salamat, First–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: The amazing people and patients! As a Baylor pediatric resident, I saw how close the cardiology fellows are with one another - they are truly a family (2 words: fellows' workroom). Not only is there a diverse and huge variety of pathology, but you are exposed to many different sub-specialties within cardiology led by invested faculty members who are dedicated to teaching. Houston is also a wonderfully diverse city with so much to do and explore. Staying home at BCM/TCH is the easiest decision I ever made!
Outside of work, I spend my time: Doing yoga and dance classes, reading epic and high fantasy novels, going to book club, exploring different foods, and spending time with family and friends!
Hometown:  Corpus Christi, Texas
Communities I identify with: Persians, Yogis, Nature Lovers, Fantasy Book Worms, Swifties, Plant Moms, Cat Lovers, Disney Enthusiasts, People Who Can’t Escape Texas (thanks for that one, Patrick)


Second-Year Fellows


Joe Burns, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: I wanted to be surrounded by supportive, productive leaders in pediatric cardiology. I have been elated to find that this community is far more supportive, patient, and kind than I could have ever expected.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Enjoying the company of my wife and two guinea pigs, exploring Houston's diverse food scene, frequenting the many museums and parks in the Museum District
Hometown: Cassia, Fla.
Communities I identify with: Floridians, congenital heart disease patients, advocates for health equity, small mammal enthusiasts, people of American Indian descent

Paul Cooper, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because:
Two big reasons: the people and the program. I'm interested in adult congenital heart disease, and the opportunities to learn and work with the ACHD team here at Texas Children's was a huge pull -- and the ACHD unit on 24th floor of Legacy Tower didn't hurt either! But the people really sold me on the program, especially all the fellows I met on my interview day. I look forward every day coming to work and being a member of the fellow's office.
Outside of work, I spend my time:
Riding my bike, skiing (not near Houston unfortunately), going to sporting events (I have the Dynamo and the Astros down so far), grilling, napping
Hometown: Needham, Mass.
Communities I identify with: MedPeds graduates, East Coast transplants, wannabee hikers, cyclist commuters, mountain lovers / skiers, first generation physicians, mediocre beach volleyball players

Patrick Day, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because:
I wanted a program that cared about me not only as a future cardiologist but as a human as well. I found the fellows and faculty at Texas Children's to be supportive both professionally and personally in a way not often seen at high volume centers.
Outside of work, I spend my time:
Hanging out with my wife and daughter, rock climbing, and playing ultimate frisbee.
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Communities I identify with: Christians, Fathers, People who can't escape Texas, Longhorns, First generation physicians

Alex Kiener, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: of the people. Texas Children's clearly has the high volume and world-renowned leaders of our field, but what surprised me was how approachable everyone was and how collaborative the environment felt. The fellow’s office exemplifies this well. Everyone is so intelligent and hardworking, but often the office feels just like a hangout with friends.
Outside of work, I spend my time: I love exploring parks, museums, and coffee shops/restaurants/breweries with my wife and our ~2 year old son. I also enjoy playing pretty much any sport/outdoor activity but specifically like running, soccer, golf, and hiking.
Hometown: North Potomac, Md.
Communities I identify with: fathers, partners who are in medicine, native east coasters, nomadic medical trainees, Arsenal supporters (aka gooners)

Derek Norton, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: of the people. The world-class quality of training at BCM/TCH is no secret, but even through virtual interviews the positive energy and supportive atmosphere impressed me more than anything else. Fellowship is hard, regardless of where you do it, so it was very important to me to find a place where I would feel supported not just as a fellow physician, but as a human. So far, this program has delivered beyond expectations. Every day I am surrounded by brilliant and kind people who are more than happy to help mold this lumpy ball of clay that knows nothing into a capable pediatric cardiologist.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Cooking, home brewing, patronizing some of the many restaurants and breweries in the city (let's call it "field research"), vibing at concerts, losing my voice at sports events, golfing, yoga-ing (poorly), and dreaming of completing a triathlon. I also absolutely love games in so many forms: table-top games (Gloomhaven, DnD, Quacks,  Settlers, etc.), card games (think MtG), video games, and more.
Hometown: Prior Lake, Minn.
Communities I identify with: Midwesterners, LGBTQIA+ allies, first generation physicians, folks with no prior ties to Houston/Texas, sports enthusiasts (hopelessly devoted to the torture of MN pro sports), Manchester City supporters aka Cityzens (LOL sorry Alex), hobbyists (home cooks and home brewers), people still trying to figure out adulting.

Mounica Rao, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because: Not only is it one of the best heart centers in the world, it is also one of the most personable. Everyone I’ve met, from the cardiologists to the cardiac surgeons to the staff in the echo and cath labs, genuinely want to learn more about me and what they can do to help foster my professional and personal interests. And I can’t say enough about the support and guidance my co-fellows give me daily. We are a tight knit crew and that is incredibly important to me.  
Outside of work, I spend my time: Exploring new restaurants and discovering new cuisines! Houston is home to so many diverse cultures, so I never get bored exploring.
Hometown: Houston, Texas and Chandler, Ariz.
Communities I identify with: Women in Medicine, LQBTQ+ Allies, True Crime Junkies, Board Game Enthusiasts, Coffee Aficionados, Foodies, West Coasters, Nature/Hiking Lovers, Plant Moms, Dog Lovers

Carlos Sanchez Parra, Second–Year

I chose BCM/TCH fellowship because:
During my interview I loved the friendly atmosphere, and the strong relationships among the cardiology fellows and attendings. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork, and from the first day of fellowship we become an essential part of the heart center team. In addition, it is a privilege to work with such great mentors and experts in the field of pediatric cardiology.
Outside of work, I spend my time:
I enjoy spending time with my family and co-fellows, trying out all the restaurants Houston has to offer, attending concerts, soccer games, and other events.
Hometown: Medellin, Colombia
Communities I identify with: Latinx, Colombians, dog owners, foodies.


Third-Year Fellows


Ryan Bishop, Third–Year

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellows office. Getting to work by the most supportive co-fellow group I could have imagined is an absolute joy. I also loved getting to ECHO while on-call from day one of fellowship with a fantastic instructional support system.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Jogging on my local hike and bike trail, walking my dog, walking to local coffee shops/restaurants just a few minutes from our place in the Heights.
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Communities I identify with: dog owners, husbands, basketball players, musicians, Texans, beach-goers.

Natalie Craik, Third–Year

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellows office. One of the attendings I interviewed with (and who trained at Baylor) told me he accepted a position at another hospital, in part, because every time he walked past the fellows' office and heard them laughing, he had 'FOMO'.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Playing with my infant son, "hiking" parking garages with my son in a baby carrier, running, cooking 
Hometown: Austin, Texas 
Communities I identify with: Mothers of human and rescue dogs, wives…of surgeons, long-distance spouses, Texans, Texans who left for residency in Phoenix and kinda wished Houston had more than 30 feet change in elevation, lovers of outdoors, hikers, born-again runners (didn't run much during residency), cyclist commuters, engineers, introverts, ex-peds chiefs.

Julie Lovin, Third–Year

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: Learning from physicians who give extraordinary care to their patients and gain deep gladness from what they do as well as having mentors and co-fellows who genuinely care about me and make work an awesome place to be!
Outside of work, I spend my time: Eating fajitas at Lupe Tortilla, drinking beer at Baileson, and taking my dog to Galveston.
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Communities I identify with: Grace Bible Church, UVA Wahoos, crossword puzzlers, hikers, campers.

John Shabosky, Third–Year

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: So many patients!
Outside of work, I spend my time: Visiting national parks, riding roller coasters, attempting to cook.
Hometown: McHenry, Ill. (50 miles northwest of Chicago)
Communities I identify with: Midwesterners, dog dads, childless millennials, first generation physicians

John Tadros, Third–Year

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: My co-fellows! Also the breadth of clinical and research opportunities in a friendly and supportive environment.
Outside of work, I spend my time: With family and friends, playing the piano, playing/ watching basketball.
Hometown: Amman, Jordan
Communities I identify with: Jordanians, musicians, sports enthusiasts, fellow cardiology nerds. 

Ran Xiao, Third–Year

Why I chose BCM/TCH: When looking at cardiology programs, I wanted a center that saw it all and at a volume that would guarantee I had not only the breadth but also the depth of experience to be prepared for a career in cardiology. 
Favorite part of fellowship: The fellows and attendings. Never have I met such a cohesive group of Fellows that supported each other both inside and outside of the hospital. I feel so lucky to now be a part of this big family!
Career goals/ambitions: Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Surprises about Houston: The food scene. Unbelievable the diversity and quality of restaurants here. 
Outside of work, I spend my time: Playing with my dog, running, playing tennis, learning how to keep house plants alive. 
Hometown: Several; was born in Hangzhou, China. Grew up in Lexington, Ky. and the suburbs of Chicago. Go Bears!
Communities I identify with: Midwesterners, first generation immigrants, Chinese-Americans, volunteer-corps members.


Fourth-Year Fellows


Michael Bruno, Fourth–Year (EP)

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellows' office! The atmosphere here is amazing with tons of camaraderie and support/teamwork. There are also so many funny things happening throughout the day, and the best snacks around. 
Outside of work, I spend my time: Biking around to all my favorite Houston coffee shops, parks, beer gardens, and restaurants. Also reading by the pool, working out, and making the occasional spontaneous camping/road trip. 
Hometown: Amesbury, Mass.
Communities I identify with: bike commuters, New Englanders, skiers, first generation physicians.

Ryan Byrne, Fourth–Year (ACHD)

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellows. This group is incredibly hard working, compassionate, and fun. Things our fellow crew is good at: making each other laugh, being there for each other inside and outside of the hospital, teaching each other about cardiology, teaching each other about life.
Outside of work, I spend my time: With my family, working in the yard, or going on runs.
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Communities I identify with: Husbands, fathers, girl dads, amateur landscapers, book worms, sports enthusiasts, Catholics.

Teddy Jones, Fourth–Year (CV Genetics)

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellow-centric culture at the Heart Center is second to none. Cardiology fellows are universally respected amongst attendings and given the trust and leeway to develop quickly through experience. We are consistently spoiled with support from a leadership team that prizes our fellowship as an integral part of our department.
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellows' office. It's like a Room of Requirement (for my Harry Potter fans out there) - it always gives you what you need. Whether its congratulations on nailing a challenging surgical presentation, commiseration after a long call night, or countless irreverent inside jokes, the fellow's office is always the best place in the hospital and filled with incredible people.
Career goals /ambitions: Cardiovascular genetics
This surprised me about Houston: The incredibly diverse dining scene. It feels like there are several new James Beard Award nominees or winners every year, and my wife and I are passionate about spending far too much of our disposable income on food.
Outside of work, I spend my time: Running and biking so that I can eat more of Houston's food!
Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif.

Ruthie Vaughan, Fourth–Year (Imaging)

Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: Hands down the people. Our fellowship program is a huge family, and we do whatever we can to support each other. 
Outside of work, I spend my time: I enjoy cycling and playing tennis, but most recently I have gotten into pickleball! It is so fun! I also love exploring the diverse food scene in Houston and attempting to cook myself. 
Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.
Communities I identify with: UVA Hoos, Christian, terrible singer, lover of food and outdoors.