Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery



All applicants for a first-year position in the otolaryngology - head and neck surgery program participate in the ERAS.




Approximately 60 candidates will be selected for interview. Letters of invitation are issued in October and November, and interviews are held in November, December, and January. The department Chair, Dr. Donald T. Donovan; Residency Program Director, Dr. Krista Olson, Resident Recruitment Director, Dr. K. Kelly Gallagher and selected members of the full-time clinical and research faculty participate in the interview and selection process.

Interview sessions are conducted on Fridays and last all day. For half the day candidates meet with the faculty and the remainder of the day is reserved for touring the Texas Medical Center, affiliated hospitals, and facilities with the residents. A continental breakfast and lunch with the faculty and residents will be provided. On the evening of the interview day an informal dinner is held at the home of a faculty member. Attendance at the evening event is optional, but often provides additional insight into the personality of the program, faculty and residents.




Five medical school graduates are selected for entry into the residency training program each year. Qualities common to those residents chosen for the program include:

  • Record of academic excellence
  • Genuine research interests or academic contributions
  • Good communication skills
  • Evidence of extracurricular activities
  • Sound character and moral development
  • Team players

Application Status


Applicants who wish to check on the status of their application should call (713) 798-7217 or email Thembi Thomas. Applicants not selected for an interview will be notified by mail.