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Department of Molecular and Human Genetics

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2020 Seminars


Date: June 6
Topic: Telemedicina en la Clinica de Genetica
Speaker: Presented by Claudia Soler-Alfonso, M.D.
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Date: June 6
Topic: "Telemedicine in the Genetics Clinic”
Speakers: Presented by Chaya Murali, M.D. and Pilar Magoulas, MS, CGC
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Date: Feb. 22 (El Paso, Texas)
Topics and Speakers: “Genetic Evaluation of the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder” Dr. Chaya Murali, instructor of molecular and human genetics, Baylor College of Medicine; “Dealing with today with an eye to tomorrow!” Laura Buckner, M.Ed., L.P.C., UT Texas Center for Disability Studies;  “Top 5 behavior tips to help a child with autism” Dr. Anacani Fonseca, Developmental/ Behavioral Pediatrics,Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Date: Feb. 11 (Houston, Texas)
Topic“Turner Syndrome and the Heart"
SpeakersDr. Shaine A. Morris, associate professor of pediatrics, division of cardiology, Baylor College of Medicine; Taylor Beecroft, genetic counselor, Texas Children’s Hospital.

Date: Jan. 14 (Houston, Texas)
Topic: "Connecting the dots: Genes and Obesity"
Speakers: Dr. Claudia Soler-Alfonso, assistant professor of molecular and human genetics, Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Stephanie Sisley, assistant professor of pediatrics-nutrition, Baylor College of Medicine


Past Seminar - TMC News: When Huntington's Disease Runs in Your Family

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Seminar Videos


"Using Genetics to Make Personal Care Plans for Children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism" presented by Dr. Daryl Scott

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