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Message from the Chair

A message from our department chair, Brendan Lee, M.D., Ph.D.

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Training Programs

Our department offers a broad array of valuable educational and training opportunities for medical students, graduate students, residents, fellows, and postdoctoral trainees who are interested in human and molecular genetics and genomics.

Research Lab (372x158)

Research & Clinical Studies

From basic to clinical, our faculty's research interests covers such areas as genomics, DNA biology, gene expression, and the molecular basis of human disease. 

Rare Disease Day (372x158)

Community Outreach

The Evenings with Genetics seminar series was developed with the goal of providing a community forum to effectively communicate current information on healthcare, education, and research regarding a variety of genetic-based diseases.

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Diagnostic Laboratory

Baylor Genetics is dedicated to providing the medical genetics community with high-quality comprehensive diagnostic services.



The Department has launched Consultagene, a new and innovative virtual platform for genetics services. 

Research team develops new genetic tool to expand library of fruit flies (585x243)

To further evaluate the biological significance of TBX2 mutations on complex signaling pathways in an intact animal, the researchers designed and conducted several assays in fruit flies in the laboratories of Dr. Yamamoto, Dr. Michael Wangler and Dr. Hugo Bellen.

Adult Genetics Clinic (585x243)

As the largest clinical genetics program in the country, we offer a single resource for all genetic services and testing, thanks to our affiliations with other medical departments and hospitals within the world-renowned Texas Medical Center.