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Department of Anesthesiology

Critical Care Fellowship (Anesthesiology)


About the Critical Care Medicine Fellowship


The faculty members involved in the training of Critical Care Medicine fellows are dedicated to providing an exemplary educational experience. The fellows are supervised by anesthesiology attending physicians who are board certified in their field. During the 12-month fellowship, the fellow’s time will be spent working with critically ill adult patients. The primary focus will be on surgical critical care patients, with or without trauma injuries, neurologic insults, cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgeries (including major thoracoabdominal and mechanical ventricular assist devices) in addition to transplantation procedures (cardiac, liver and renal).

The Critical Care Medicine fellowship offers further advanced training in perioperative critical care medicine. Emphasis in this fellowship is primarily placed on the anesthetic management of critically ill patients before and after cardiothoracic surgery, specifically instruction in the principles of cardiopulmonary physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology related to elective or emergent care of patients. The core program is centered in the cardiovascular ICU and the surgical intensive care unit. Training in the CV recovery room will include invasive and noninvasive monitoring techniques, respiratory care, mechanical ventilator management, hepatic and renal failure, coagulopathy, sepsis syndrome, multisystem organ failure as well as neurologic and cardiac diseases.


How to Apply


See Admissions for a fellowship application and a list of required documentation.

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