The Huffington Center on Aging is committed to translating basic and clinical research discoveries, made in the laboratory, into treatment applications that will benefit those individuals who suffer from diseases and conditions that affect the elderly.

Current research projects include:

  • Determining the factors that regulate lifespan and healthspan in model systems
  • Investigating the role of protein turnover and cellular clearance in stem cells and aging
  • Prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
  • Understanding and preventing age-related disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and liver diseases
  • Maintaining and improving cardiovascular health
  • Cellular restoration and regeneration in auditory and nervous systems
  • Understanding the molecular and genetic basis of development and aging
  • Minimizing frailty in older people

Biology and Pathophysiology of Aging Training Grant

The Huffington Center on Aging offers a National Institute of Aging funded training grant to support four predoctoral and four postdoctoral trainees. Twenty two Baylor College of Medicine faculty members involved in aging-related research participate as mentors in this training program. Find out more, browse faculty mentors, and apply here.

Biology of Aging Seminar

The HCOA sponsors the weekly Biology of Aging Seminar for researchers in all stages of their careers. Local and visiting scientists present their original research findings on a wide variety of topics designed to increase participants' understanding of basic aging processes as well as applications of basic science knowledge to the major diseases of later life.

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The Huffington Distinguished Lectures, as part of the Biology of Aging Seminar series, invites prominent figures in the world of aging to share their knowledge. Previous Huffington Distinguished Lectures are listed here.