Education and Training

BISR faculty are members of several graduate programs and often serve on dissertation or fellowship mentoring committees. We organize or lecture in many of the computational and quantitative science courses in the graduate school.

Course GS-532: Biostatistics for Biomedical and Translational Researchers
This course will introduce biostatistical principles and technology (R and RStudio) that are most likely to be useful to laboratory scientists interested in biomedical and translational research, including ANOVA, linear regression, logistic regression, survival analysis, and nonparametric statistics, and introduces basic designs for clinical trials.
Credits: 3
Term: 4
Directors: Susan Hilsenbeck and Charles Minard
BISR Instructors: Hao Liu, Tao Wang, Eunji Jo, Anna Frolov, Danielle Duffey

GS-SB-405 Computer-Aided Discovery Methods
Director: Aleks Milosavljevic
BISR Instructors: Chad Creighton