How do I view open positions? How do I apply to a position with Baylor College of Medicine?
Thank you for considering Baylor College of Medicine in your job search. To search openings, visit our online application system. As you identify positions for which you would like to apply, follow the prompts to submit an application directly.

Will my log in information from work in the new system?
No, your username/password with our previous application system (medschooljobs) will not work with the new system (  You must create a new profile/application once you select a position for which you are interested in applying.

How do I apply for a transfer?
Per our policy, transfer candidate must be in current positions for a minimum of six months without a written warning to be eligible for transfer. Transfer applicants should follow the steps listed above, in regarding how to apply.

Where can I submit a resume?
Thank you for your interest in Baylor College of Medicine. To be considered as an applicant, please submit an application here and attach a resume to positions for which you are interested. We are not able to consider resumes submitted via email.

How is my application reviewed?
All applications are reviewed by the recruiters and qualified individuals are then sent to the department hiring manager for consideration. Each department will have a different time period for review.

How do I make edits to my application?
To edit your application, log into your application. Please select "Update My Information" to add additional cover letters, update your resume or make changes to the application.

I do not have a Social Security Number, how can I apply?
Please use 999 and then any six-digit number combination in lieu of the Social Security Number. If the number combination is already in use, please select another.

What is the status of my application?
To view your application progress, log into the online application system. There are several statuses that you may see:

a)  Application On File (Application successfully submitted.)
b)  In Progress (The application has been received and is currently being reviewed.)
c)  Selected for Interview
d)  Offer Extended
e)  Pre-Employment In Progress (Conducting pre-hire requirements.)
f)   Offer Declined
g)  Offer Accepted
h)  Hired
i)   Pursuing Other Candidates (We are currently pursuing other candidates for the position.)
j)   Not as Qualified as Other Candidates (It has been determined that there are other candidates in the pool of applications received that more closely match the position needs. Other candidates are being considered at this time.)
k)  Not Selected
l)   Ineligible for Transfer(See Baylor policy HR 02.6.46.)
m) Ineligible for Rehire (Contact for more information.)

If you have questions about your status, please contact

I forgot my username and/or password.
To reset your password, go to the reset webpage. You will receive information via email regarding how to reset your password. If you no longer have access to the email account you used to apply, please email and someone will assist you.

Technical/IT issues
If you are experiencing technical issues, please email

Where can I submit my references?
It is not necessary at this point to provide your references. We encourage you to provide these directly to the hiring manager later in the process if requested.

If you have additional questions, please contact