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Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cell Processing and Vector Production


Director: Adrian Gee, Ph.D.
Co-Director: Zhuyong Mei, M.D.

We provide GMP manufacturing of therapeutic grade cellular products and viral and non-viral vectors for use in early phase clinical trials and to facilitate the preparation of the associated regulatory documentation.



  • Manufacturing of a wide range of cellular therapy products and associated intermediates for use in cancer therapy
  • Manufacturing of viral (adenoviral, retroviral and herpes virus) and non-viral vectors, and associated master and working cell banks, to support clinical gene therapy studies
  • Provision of assistance in preparing the appropriate regulatory documentation for submission of investigational new drug applications to the FDA

Charge Back Fees and Forms

  • Due to the wide range and unique nature of the products manufactured, fees are determined on a per product basis.
  • Submission forms for vector manufacturing can be obtained by contacting Zhuyong Mei (see right).



Adrian Gee, Ph.D., Director
Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Phone: (832) 824-4214
Email: agee@bcm.edu

Zhuyong Mei, M.D., Co-Director
Instructor, Department of Medicine
Phone: (832) 824-4175
Email: zmei@bcm.edu

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