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Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center

Biostatistics and Analytics Group


The Biostatistics and Analytics Group of the Biostatistics and Informatics Shared Resource (BISR) is a diverse team of faculty and staff biostatisticians and bioinformatics professionals working collaboratively with Duncan Cancer Center investigators to bring the best analytic methods to bear on biomedical and cancer research projects. We can assist with grant application planning preparation, basic and translational experimental design, clinical trial design and can conduct analysis of all types of data - from cell lines experiments to 'omics to clinical trials. Assistance with methodology development, data interpretation, visualization and manuscript preparation is available, and our team also participates in statistical and scientific review of cancer clinical trials.

Projects and services, especially for grant application and project planning, are highly subsidized for all Duncan Cancer Center members and funded largely through inclusion on grants and contracts. Charge-back mechanisms exist and can be used for small, short-term projects.


Statistical Review for PRMC, DRC, etc.


Review Assignments

Susan Hilsenbeck, Ph.D. - PRMC Executive Committee, PRMC Adult Working Group, Clinical Research Leadership Committee

Anna Frolov, M.S. - PRMC Adult Working Group

Tao Wang, Ph.D. - PRMC Adult Working Group

Jessie Wu, MS – PRMC CAGT Working Group

Eunji Jo, MS – PRMC Pediatric Working Group


Education and Training


BISR members serve as trainee mentors and teach in a number of courses. Visit our Training and Education page for more information.


Biostatistics and Analytics Group


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