Baylor College of Medicine Education at The Menninger Clinic

The Menninger Clinic (320x240)
The Menninger Clinic

Since its founding in 1925, The Menninger Clinic has provided treatment for more than 250,000 patients from the United States and around the world. Menninger treatment programs offer clinical placements for child psychiatry, advanced adult psychiatry, clinical psychology and social work fellows

The defining feature of Menninger specialty inpatient treatment and education is the integration of the evidence-based, medical, psychological, behavioral and social models. This is accomplished through the use of interdisciplinary teams that include the patient as an actual member and active collaborator in his/her own treatment. Patient stays range from six to 12 weeks, allowing residents significant opportunity to participate as an integral member of a treatment team in a non-hierarchal environment that offers access to senior mentors.

In addition to clinical skills, the development of character, integrity, intelligence and sensitivity to human suffering is critical to providing quality care. Trainees at Menninger become immersed in the personhood, humanity, and life of the patient. This immersion enhances the trainees' skill set and his/her effectiveness as a clinician.

Originally located in Topeka, Kansas, Menninger partnered with Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital in 2002 and moved to Houston in June 2003. The psychiatric department at BCM became the Menninger Department of Psychiatry.