ICTR Genomic Bioinformatics Core


The mission of the Genomic Bioinformatics Core is to provide bioinformatic analytics for diverse types of genomic data. Users provide raw genomic data from their labs, institutional Cores, or public repositories, and the Core analyzes data for users. Using the high-performance computing power of the Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, large amounts of data can be analyzed in a relatively short time. Experts can help users interpret data and provide text for manuscript and grant preparation.

Services include:

  • Analysis of raw genomic data
    • Bulk RNA-seq analysis: read alignment, quality control, differential expression, gene set enrichment analysis
    • Whole-exome sequencing analysis: read alignment, quality control, SNV calling
    • Single-cell RNA-seq analysis: read alignment, cell filtering, batch-effect correction and normalization, clustering analysis, annotation (for some datasets)
    • Single-cell assay for transposase-accessible chromatin (ATAC)-seq analysis: read alignment, peak calling
    • Single Cell T Cell Receptor (TCR)-seq analysis: identification of TCR clone, clonality analysis
  • Provide consultation for preparing grant proposals
  • Serve as co-investigators with expertise in genomic bioinformatics on grant applications.

If your project needs analysis of genomic data, contact the Public Repository Mining Core for an initial consultation

Genomic Bioinformatics Core Team

  • Chao Cheng, PhD – Associate Professor 
  • Jian-Rong Li – Postdoc Associate
  • Venugopalareddy Mekala – Postdoc Associate
  • Xiang Wang – Graduate Student