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Image courtesy of the authors/Cell Reports, 2021.
The brain region coordinates survival adaptations to food shortages
Image of the Month (From the Labs: January 2022) Microscopy image of a brain region that coordinates survival adaptations to food shortages. In the hippocampal dentate gyrus of the brain, SRC-2 (green) is abundantly expressed, co-localizing with several POMC-lineage neurons (red).

The Yong Xu lab is interested in novel neural circuits, neurotransmitters and intra-neuronal signals that are critical for coordinated control of body weight, feeding behavior, and glucose balance.

We generate unique mouse models, using Cre-loxP/Flp-frt strategy, with genes of interest manipulated in specific populations of neurons at the time of choice. We use these models, in combination of the modern chemogenetics/optogenetics, fiber photometry, electrophysiology and neurotracing approaches, to establish the physiological relevance of specific neural networks in the regulation of energy homeostasis, glucose balance and behaviors.

Current Projects

  • Neural circuits and obesity mechanisms - USDA/CRIS 3092-51000-064-01S
  • Neurobiology for the sex differences in energy balance - R01 DK117281
  • Brain steroid receptor coactivators and energy homeostasis - P01 DK113954
  • Hypothalamic Grb10 and body weight - R01 DK115761
  • 5-HT neurons integrate neural inputs to regulate food intake - R01 DK120858
  • Brain estrogen regulates energy and glucose balance - R01 DK125480



Lab Address: 1100 Bates St, #8066, Houston, TX 77030
Contact: Phone 713–798–7199 / Fax 713–798–7199 / Email Yongx@bcm.edu