Yi Zhu Lab


Research Areas


The Zhu Lab focuses on two research areas:

  • Gap junction-dependent and -independent roles of Connexin43 in various physiological processes in the adipose tissue and the liver.
  • Hyaluronan (HA) metabolism in systemic glucose and lipid homeostasis.

The lab is a part of the Children's Nutrition Research Center.


Gap Junction Dependent and Independent Roles of Connexin43 in Metabolic Tissues
To understand how Connexin43 exerts multifaceted functions in the adipose tissue and the liver.

The Impact of Adipocyte Gap Junction on Milk Production and Milk Quality during the Lactation
To evaluate the impact of adipocyte Connexin43 gap junction on milk production and milk quality during the lactation and how it affects neonate's growth and metabolic health.

A macrophage Hyaluronan – MARCO axis in hepatic fibrogenesis
To understand how circulating plasma hyaluronan promotes liver macrophage Marco expression and subsequent polarization to a proinflammatory state to promote liver fibrogenesis in inflammatory bowel disease.