Neuromodulation Lab

Neuromodulation Lab Projects


Percutaneous Cordotomy for Pain Palliation in Advanced Cancer

We are currently performing a five-year NIH funded study to determine the extent to which cordotomy can reduce cancer pain in medically optimized patients. Patients are randomized to either undergo cordotomy, or to undergo an intrathecal injection of opioids in addition to a sham cordotomy. Patients are longitudinally followed and undergo MRI, sensory testing and qualitative interviews on their experience.

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Determining Electrophysiological Patterns which Underlie Phenotypes of Parkinson Disease

In this five-year study, we will collect electrophysiological data, psychophysical measurements, and pain outcomes to determine how electrical stimulation of the spinal cord impacts human pain processing systems. Further details of this project will be provided pending negotiations with the NIH.