Monica Pillon Lab



Selected Publications


Pillon MC*,§, Frazier MN§, Dillard LB§, Williams JG, Kocaman S, Krahn JM, Perera L, Hayne CK, Gordon J, Stewart ZD, Sobhany M, Deterding LJ, Hsu AL, Dandey VP, Borgnia MJ, Stanley RE*. “Cryo-EM Structures of the SARS-CoV-2 Endoribonuclease Nsp15.” Nature Communications. 2021 January 27; 12 (1): 636. PMID: 33504779.

Pillon MC§, Goslen KH§, Gordon J, Wells ML, Williams JG, Stanley RE. “It takes two Las1 HEPN endoribonuclease domains to cut the RNA correctly.” The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2020 May 1; 295 (18): 5857-5870. PMID: 32220933.

Pillon MC, Hsu AL, Krahn JM, Williams JG, Goslen KH, Sobhany M, Borgnia MJ, Stanley RE. “Cryo-EM Reveals Active Site Coordination Within a Multienzyme pre-rRNA Processing Complex.” Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 2019 September; 26 (9): 830-839. PMID: 31488907.

Pillon MC, Sobhany M, Stanley RE. “Characterization of the Molecular Crosstalk within the Essential Grc3/Las1 pre-rRNA Processing Complex.” RNA. 2018 May; 24 (5): 721-738. PMID: 29440475.

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Pillon MC, Babu VMP, Randall JR, Cai J, Simmons LA, Sutton MD, Guarné A. “The sliding clamp tethers the MutL endonuclease domain to DNA.” Nucleic Acids Research. 2015 December 15; 43 (22): 10746-10759. PMID: 26384423.

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Pillon MC, Lorenowicz JJ, Ukelmann M, Klocko AD, Mitchell RR, Chung YS, Modrich P, Walker GC, Simmons LA, Friedhoff P, Guarné A. “Structure of the endonuclease domain of MutL: unlicensed to cut.” Molecular Cell. 2010 July 9; 39 (1): 145-151. PMID: 20603082.