H. Courtney Hodges Lab


About the Lab


Research Focus

Research in the Hodges lab focuses on altered epigenetic function in cancer and other diseases. We use interdisciplinary approaches, including epigenomics, live-cell super-resolution imaging, genome editing, and chemical biology, to understand epigenetic systems in disease settings. Our research is especially focused on new technologies, for example, improving cell-culture tumor models, as well as single-cell and single-molecule methods.

Chromatin and the Epigenome

The epigenetic landscape is the bridge that connects the genome with its environment. We have taken a special interest in BAF (SWI/SNF) and PBAF ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers, which are among the most frequently mutated epigenetic regulators in cancer. We aim to improve precision therapies for tumors bearing these mutations by identifying how these complexes alter the intrinsic properties of cells and their interaction with the tumor microenvironment.