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June 2015 Sharmila joins the lab to start an undergraduate research project! Welcome, Sharmila!

May 2015 Paper alert! Mingxuan's paper on Ankyrin-G is published by the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

May 2015 Nishtha, Bao and Angel present at ADD Program Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT.

March 2015 The Cooper Lab receives grants from Jack Pribaz Foundation and CURE.

March 2015 Mingxuan attends and presents at Experimental Biology conference in Boston, MA.

February 2015 Ed meets with and presents to the Board of Directors of the Jack Pribaz Foundation in Chicago, IL.




December 2014 Bao, Nishtha, Mia and Ed attend American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting in Seattle WA. Ed leads collaborators meeting on KCNQ2 Encepileptic Encephalopathy: Overcoming Hurdles to Effective Disease Modifying Therapy

March 2014 The Cooper Lab hosts KCNQ2 family visits in Houston. See coverage by NBC Houston, NBC Chicago, NBC Denver, and Jack's Army Blog.

March 2014 Paper Alert! KCNQ2/3 channel collaboration with Kole Lab published as featured article by the Journal of Neuroscience. (View article.)




December 2013 KCNQ2 spectrum investigator's workshop moderated by Dr. Cooper presented at American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting in Washington DC.

September 2013 Dr. Cooper, Dr. Li and the Dr. Xu awarded grant to support new Q2 encephalopathy treatment research and animal models. Thanks to Rock the Block and CURE.

July 2013 Dr. Cooper, Dr. Li and the Pribaz Foundation featured in BCM Family article, BCM doctor’s collaboration with family helps patients with severe form of epilepsy.

June 2013 Zhigang Ji joins the lab! (See Zhigang's cool and highly accessed optogenetics pager.)

May 2013 Post-bac Angel Lopez will enter prestigious Baylor College of Medicine's Genetics Ph.D. Program. Congratulations Angel and thanks to fantastic SMART PREP program faculty!

February 2013 Dr. Cooper awarded $1.7M NIH/NINDS grant to study KCNQ2-related epilepsy and symptomatic neonatal seizures.

January 2013 Baylor College of Medicine's student Baouyen Tran receives a EF predoctoral fellowship with support from AES and the Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation to study KCNQ2 mutations in the lab.




December 2012 Post Doc Li Li Joins the lab. Welcome Li!

December 2012 Lab and RIKEE collaborators present accepted LATE-BREAKING abstracts at AES San Diego

December 2012 Lab and Baylor Epilepsy Research Center hosts Pribaz Foundation and Miles Family Fund for Retreat

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