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The Clinical Work Life Lab is a part of IQuESt and Baylor College of Medicine's Section of Health Services Research. It is an interdisciplinary group of scientists aiming to improve healthcare by improving the work lives of clinicians and others working in healthcare. Led by Dr. Sylvia Hysong, our main areas of research focus are:

  • Studying the best ways to measure the performance of clinicians and to minimize the unintended consequences of performance measurement on individuals working in healthcare as well as on patients.
  • Studying the best ways to provide and help clinicians receive feedback, in order to improve the care they provide and meet their own clinical standards.
  • Examining care teams, how they coordinate best and their structure and its impact on care quality, team member turnover and team member burnout.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Industrial/Organizational psychologist?

I-O psychologists are trained as scientist-practitioners with the ability to both conduct rigorous research and engage in the practical application of scientific knowledge alongside businesspeople.

What is Industrial/Organizational psychology?

I-O psychology is the scientific study of working and the application of psychological principles to workplace issues facing individuals, teams and organizations. I-O psychologists apply the scientific method to investigate issues of critical relevance to individuals, businesses and society.

What does I/O psychology have to do with healthcare?

Healthcare is a workplace like any other, and also a workplace like no other. I/O psychologists use their knowledge of the science of the workplace to improve clinicians’ work life so that they can deliver better quality care to their patients.


Clinical Work Life Lab
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