Aaron Thrift Lab


About the Lab


Research undertaken by the Thrift Lab is conducted with a view to reducing the burden from cancer through identifying risk factors, then translating these research findings into policy and practice. This includes research to identify the roles of environmental, personal and genetic factors in the causation of cancer and its precursors, and in cancer prognosis.

Major research in the lab focuses on developing cancer prediction models and tools for cancer patient risk stratification.

The lab also collaborates with other research groups on projects focusing on racial disparities in cancer incidence and outcomes.


Research Studies


RESPOND – African American Prostate Cancer Study

The RESPOND study will be one of the largest studies ever to look at the underlying factors and reasons that put African American men at higher risk for prostate cancer. Over the next five years, 10,000 African American men with prostate cancer will be recruited. Visit www.respondstudy.org

VA-Skin Sun and Health Study

Veterans are at higher risk for developing skin cancer than non-Veterans. However, little is known about the risk factors among Veterans that confer excess risk for skin cancer. The VA-Skin Sun and Health Study aims to identify specific risk factors that could be used to more easily identify Veterans that may be at highest risk for developing skin cancer.