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Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

The Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center facilitates stem cell research of all types at Baylor College of Medicine, and the clinical translation of such research into regenerative medicine. Investigators in the STaR Center study both adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Some of our investigators are also investigating the role of tumor stem cells in contributing to cancer relapse.

The STaR Center was founded in 2005 and has grown to more than 30 other associate members, who are also part of the Baylor faculty.

Adult and embryonic stem cells have received immense attention because of their enormous therapeutic potential. Despite the great promise of stem cells, most therapeutic applications are years away, in part because many fundamental questions have yet to be answered.

We are interested in fundamental questions, such as understanding how stem cells are stimulated to regenerate tissues, and also practical issues, such as how to use stem cells to repair a patient's damaged tissue.

To facilitate stem cell research, we plan to focus on enhancing basic research, developing training programs in stem cells, improving the infrastructure to support the research, and reaching out to our local community to augment their understanding and support of our endeavors.

More specifically, we are:

  • Recruiting new primary faculty to the STaR Center
  • Developing a training program, including a course on stem cell biology that will be offered to the entire Baylor community
  • Bringing in seminar speakers, and hosting workshops for investigators at Baylor
  • Interacting with the community to improve the public understanding about stem cells