The Gastrointestinal Experimental Model Systems (GEMS) Core is organized to encompass an enteroid/organoid subcore and a gnotobiotic subcore. This core offers turnkey access to organoids/enteroid technologies to TMC-DDC researchers. This includes samples (enteroids, organoids), reagents (specialized growth media, etc.), training, and consultative expertise. The core also provides access to gnotobiotic facilities and animals, training and consultative expertise.

Researchers are able to access enteroid and organoid service via the DDC iLab portal

Core Leadership

Noah Shroyer, Ph.D.

Director, Email:, Phone: (713) 798-8693, Research Interests: Mechanisms that control intestinal development and homeostasis, Visit BCM Faculty Profile

Mary K. Estes, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Email:, Phone: (713) 798-3585, Research Interests: Human mini-gut cultures to understand gastrointestinal virus-host interactions and mechanisms of pathogenesis and immunity, Visit BCM Faculty Profile

Alton G. Swennes, D.V.M.

Co-Director, Email:, Phone:(713) 798-3408, Research Interests: Gnotobiotic animal models, intestinal microbiota, Visit BCM Faculty Profile