Services News

Prevent colon cancer in less than an hourMar 19, 2013
Regular screenings for colon cancer can catch the deadly disease before it even begins.
New clinic treats bronchiectasis patientsFeb 27, 2013
New Baylor College of Medicine clinic treats patients with lung condition bronchiectasis.
Digital mammography safest, most effective screening method for women with dense breast tissueOct 17, 2012
Women with dense breast tissue can opt for mammograms done with digital mammography technology.
Ultrasound technology simplifies treatment for musculoskeletal troublesJul 27, 2012
The technology allows patients see how tissues respond as the patient moves, something you cannot get with a stationary MRI.
Screening best way to prevent colon cancerMar 6, 2012
Early screening can prevent advanced, deadly forms of colon cancer.
Hair restoration added to center's servicesJul 26, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine's Facial Plastic Surgery Center has added hair transplantation as a service.
BCM Dermatology, Plastic Surgery Clinics move to McNair CampusJul 14, 2011
Dermatology and plastic surgery clinics at Baylor College of Medicine will move to the McNair Campus.
Combine ladies' holiday shopping trip, annual mammogram appointmentDec 15, 2010
Mammograms can be less stressful as part of a group activity with other women.
Being hair free now is free of painSep 28, 2010
Painless hair removal laser in use at BCM