Baylor College of Medicine produces the following publications:

From the Labs

From the Labs at Baylor College of Medicine is an online newsletter designed to bring new information about research going on at the school. While some of its stories deal with new findings, others are designed to give you a sense of the kinds of science and scientists who are carrying out the many research projects at the College.

Progress Notes

Read about life from our students' perspectives, as they share experiences and insights during their journey through medical school in the blog Progress Notes.

The BCM Report: Service: Making a Difference in Our Community

This issue of the BCM Report provides a glimpse into the many ways in which Baylor is reaching beyond its walls to improve health and expand opportunities for member of our local, national and global communities. 

BCM Quarterly Review

BCM Quarterly reports on the accomplishments that make Baylor College of Medicine one of the leading health science centers. This publication highlights the news generated in the laboratories, clinics, educational areas and offices of Baylor College of Medicine. The most recent BCM Quarterly Review is Betting Against the Spread.

BCM Family

A monthly publication that focuses on internal news, special features and events.