Psychiatry and Behavior News

Study improves understanding of pediatric autism screeningsSep 12, 2019
A collaborative study led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine explored providers’ diagnostic and referral practices for children who failed the an autism screening at the 18-month and/or 24-month visits. 
Psychological effects of active shooter drills in schoolsAug 19, 2019
Dr. Laurel Williams, associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine and chief of psychiatry at Texas Children’s Hospital, discusses the psychological effects of active shooter drills and metal detectors on schoolchildren.
How stress can affect your sleepMay 9, 2019
Sleep expert Dr. Annise Wilson explains how stress can interfere with your nighttime schedule and ways you can sleep more when life becomes busy.
How to cope with panic attacksApr 23, 2019
Dr. Asim Shah gives his recommendations on recognizing the signs of a panic attack and relaxation strategies you can use if you are having one.
Ketamine-based nasal spray to treat depressionMar 12, 2019
A Baylor College of Medicine expert discusses the potential impact of the new ketamine-based treatment recently approved by the FDA, which is being marketed as the first fast-acting depression drug.
Baylor brings genetics conference on autism to LaredoMar 7, 2019
On Saturday, March 23, Baylor College of Medicine will bring a community conference and resource fair to the Laredo area to provide an educational seminar and support materials for parents of children with autism and developmental disabilities.
Therapy available for victims of Hurricane HarveyFeb 28, 2019
Project HEART is offering free home-based tele-mental health services to adults ages 18 and up in the Golden Triangle region, which were severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.
Researchers: tool can identify human trafficking victimsFeb 19, 2019
Researchers report a screening tool designed specifically to assess for human trafficking was more likely to identify sexual and labor exploitation of youth than a commonly used psychosocial assessment.
Unexpected link found between feeding, memory brain areasJan 22, 2019
The search for a mechanism that could explain how the protein complex NCOR1/2 regulates memory has revealed an unexpected connection between the feeding and the memory centers of the brain.
How to live your life to the fullestJan 9, 2019
Dr. Karen Lawson gives her advice on what it can mean to live your life to its full potential.