Nutrition News

Researchers identify neurons that regulate blood sugarMay 4, 2020
Researchers led by Dr. Yong Xu have identified a group of unique glucose-sensing neurons in the brain and how they work together to prevent severe hypoglycemia in mice.
Dawn-to-sunset fasting associated with anti-cancer proteins Apr 16, 2020
In a recent stud, Dr. Ayse Leyla Mindikoglu found that dawn-to-sunset fasting was associated with proteins protective against cancer as well as obesity, diabetes and some neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
Food storage safety tipsApr 10, 2020
Trying to stay home to flatten the curve might mean more time in the kitchen.Roberta Anding answers some questions about food storage to help prevent food-borne illnesses.
How long will my food last?Apr 7, 2020
Nutrition expert Roberta Anding has some tips on shelf life to avoid food related illnesses while taking “Stay Home, Stay Safe” measures.
Gardening boosts physical, mental health while staying homeApr 7, 2020
While people are urged to stay home to help contain the spread of COVID-19, many are turning to a popular hobby – gardening. 
Maintaining your child’s relationship with foodFeb 19, 2020
Whether a parent or child has an eating disorder or a complicated relationship with food, it is important to understand the psychological influence eating patterns have on children.
Small steps can lead to big leap in health this new yearDec 30, 2019
According to Baylor College of Medicine doctors, the secret to achieving and maintaining good health is to incorporate small behavioral changes that you can live with into your lifestyle.
Form of severe malnutrition linked to DNA modification Dec 19, 2019
Researchers identified significant differences at the epigenetic level between two clinically distinct forms of acute childhood malnutrition known as edematous severe acute malnutrition (ESAM) and non-edematous SAM (NESAM).
Tips to work off holiday eatingDec 11, 2019
Make sure you don’t land on Santa’s naughty list for overindulging in all of your favorite holiday foods. A Baylor College of Medicine family physician says staying active is the best way to counteract holiday calories.
Scientists create ‘epigenetic couch potato’ mouseDec 2, 2019
A new Baylor College of Medicine led study in mice shows for the first time that a different molecular level of regulation – epigenetics – plays a key role in determining one’s innate drive to exercise.