Healthcare News

Baylor enrolling COVID-19 patients in treatment trialYesterday
Baylor College of Medicine is enrolling participants in a treatment trial for adult patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis who are hospitalized at either Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center or Harris Health System’s Ben Taub Hospital.
Soap is soap! And other ideas on staying germ freeMar 19, 2020
Can’t find antibacterial soap at the store these days? Physician assistant Isabel Valdez says any type of hand soap can rid hands of germs and viruses such as COVID-19.
Slowing the spread of COVID-19Mar 16, 2020
Experts at Baylor College of Medicine say one should practice social distancing or, if needed, isolation or taking part in a self-quarantine to slow the spread of coronavirus
Mesothelioma Treatment Center offers new at-home deviceFeb 11, 2020
Doctors at the Mesothelioma Treatment Center at Baylor College of Medicine and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center are now offering mesothelioma patients a new FDA-approved device as part of their treatment plan
Evenings with Genetics spotlights Turner SyndromeFeb 5, 2020
On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Evenings with Genetics will discuss the genetics and state-of-the art heart care for children with Turner Syndrome.
Fight dry skin this winterDec 3, 2019
An expert at Baylor College of Medicine said switching up your skincare routine can help fight the dryness and irritation your skin experiences when the temperature drops.
Relative humidity in workplace can impact employee healthNov 21, 2019
A new study suggests that relative humidity levels in the office setting can have an impact on stress and potentially even sleep quality. 
Pack hand sanitizer, patience for healthy holiday travelNov 21, 2019
The most wonderful time of the year also is one of the most hectic times of the year. If you plan to travel this season, it is important to take precautions for your health. Experts from Baylor College of Medicine offer tips to ease your holiday travel.
Can you catch a cold from being cold?Nov 12, 2019
The temperature outside may be dropping rapidly but that doesn’t mean venturing outdoors will cause you to catch a cold. Isabel Valdez said a virus like the common cold spreads through what we breathe in – not because of the weather.
Baylor, Chinese developers to create medical centerNov 4, 2019
Baylor College of Medicine welcomed a delegation from China to discuss the introduction of advanced medical technology and management concepts to the Greenland Holdings Group.