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New ways to find misdiagnosis of abdominal pain in emergency departments Nov 4, 2015
Baylor researchers create an electronic trigger to help identify diagnostic errors associated with abdominal pain.
Electronic trigger reduces delays in evaluation for cancer diagnosisAug 24, 2015
Electronic triggers designed to search for key data were able to identify and reduce follow-up delays for patients being evaluated for a diagnosis of colon or prostate cancer.
Prevent colon cancer in less than an hourMar 19, 2013
Regular screenings for colon cancer can catch the deadly disease before it even begins.
Screening best way to prevent colon cancerMar 6, 2012
Early screening can prevent advanced, deadly forms of colon cancer.
Vaccine study demonstrates protection against norovirus illnessDec 8, 2011
Study finds experimental norovirus vaccine provide significant protection against viral infection, associated gastrointestinal illness.
Abdominal pain, irritable bowel in children reflected in microbial signaturesAug 5, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine researchers among those to find that abdominal pain in children are reflected in microbial signatures.
Don't let pools, lakes, beaches make you sickJun 2, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine experts provides tips for staying safe around pools, lakes, and beaches this summer.
Mother's diet affects colitis risk in young adult miceFeb 18, 2011
Diets of pregnant or nursing mice can impact risk of offspring developing inflammation of large bowel.
Estes to receive high award from American Gastroenterological SocietyMay 4, 2010
Dr. Mary Estes to receive award for work in gastrointestinal pathogens.
Take care of your colonApr 21, 2010
Colorectal screening can catch cancer before there are symptoms, leading to better treatment outcomes.