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Master Clinician honorees are Dr. Risë Stribling, Dr. Debra L. Palazzi and Dr. Samir S. Awad.

Baylor College of Medicine honors faculty for excellence in patient care for 2024

Aaron Nieto


Houston, TX -

Baylor College of Medicine recognized physicians for their excellence in patient care at its annual Faculty Awards Day, held earlier this week.

The awards include the Ben and Margaret Love Foundation Bobby Alford Award for Academic Clinical Professionalism, presented to Dr. Michael A. Belfort, chair and professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and Dr. Seema R. Lalani, professor of molecular and human genetics.

Other clinical awards include the Early Career Award for Excellence in Patient Care for faculty with two-to-five years of experience, the Star Award for Excellence in Patient Care for faculty with at least six years of service and the Master Clinician Award for Excellence in Patient Care for faculty with at least 15 years of experience. These were established by Dr. Paul Klotman, Baylor College of Medicine president, CEO and executive dean, to recognize faculty for their exemplary qualities of clinical excellence and expertise, as well as consistent high levels of patient care, professionalism, commendable leadership skills and service to the community.

“I am proud of you and the contributions you bring to our institution,” said Dr. Biykem Bozkurt, senior dean of faculty and presenter for Faculty Awards Day. “Your efforts as healthcare providers, physician-scientists, educators and community leaders have helped to advance human health, educate the next generation of healthcare and biomedical research leaders and serve the community locally, nationally and globally.”

Master Clinician honorees are Dr. Samir S. Awad, professor of surgery, Dr. Debra L. Palazzi, professor of pediatrics and Dr. Risë Stribling, associate professor of medicine. See the full list of Star and Early Career award winners in the Faculty Awards Day recipient presentation.

The 2024 Graduating Class Outstanding Faculty Awards were selected by fourth-year medical students and given to Dr. Nhu Thao Nguyen Galvan, Dr. Cary Hsu, Dr. Atul Maheshwari, Dr. Navdeep Sekhon and Dr. Stephanie Sherman.

These awards are among the nearly 200 awards presented to Baylor faculty across mission areas. Read more about the educational award winners.

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