Basic Science News

Huffington Foundation gives $5 million to Neurodegeneration ConsortiumAug 14, 2013
Baylor College of Medicine part of consortium gifted $5 million from the Huffington Foundation to study and treat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Baylor receives $960,000 plus in Komen breast cancer grantsAug 1, 2013
Four Baylor College of Medicine researchers received new grant funding from Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help advance breast cancer research.
Cellular boundary key to neuronal functionMay 25, 2012
Study finds molecule responsible for proper formation, function of neurons finds its way to the right place because of axon restriction.
Cell's master regulator SRC-3 controls metabolism of skeletal muscle energyMay 1, 2012
BCM team finds protein controls the metabolism of fatty acid in skeletal muscle.
Semi-automated 'pathwalking' to build protein modelMar 6, 2012
BCM researchers develop tool to map protein structure, helps eliminate user bias.
Antisense oligonucleotides make sense in myotonic dystrophyFeb 27, 2012
BCM researchers find genetic material may point the way to treatment for degenerative muscle disease.
$1.35 million grant funds neuroscience education programOct 4, 2011
Program aims to increase science literacy and understanding, and to promote interest in science.
Student plant experiment takes root in International Space Station, classroomsSep 21, 2011
Plants in Space project allows students, teachers to examine root growth in space to plants in classrooms.
Master regulator SRC-2 controls fat absorptionJan 5, 2011
New study of fat absorption could point to method of controlling obesity.
Protein protects cancer cells from oxidative stressDec 1, 2010
Protein might play a role in spread of cancer or metastasis, BCM researcher says.