Back and Spine News

Don't let back injury put you out of commission this holiday seasonDec 17, 2012
BCM expert offers tips to staying safe, avoiding injury while decorating this holiday season.
Back-to-school backpack remindersAug 8, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine expert: kids should not carry more than 10 to 15 percent of their body weight in their backpacks.
CT scans might detect upper spine injuriesJul 22, 2010
Patients in care accidents sometimes show undetected cervical spine injuries.
Non-surgical procedure provides relief for small disc herniationsJun 10, 2010
Percutaneous discectomy is a new treatment option for small lumbar disc herniations.
Cervical collars can cause secondary injuries in trauma patientsJan 22, 2010
BCM research shows use of a cervical collar to protect the spine can cause new injury.